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The Filter Beauty story is first and foremost the story of a unique and unusual combination – between simple products and luxurious effect. About wanting to have it all and not compromising. About wanting to go all the way and a bit further. About never giving up before reaching our goal. To understand our passion for insisting on luxury in everything we do, we need to go back to the start. Back to 2013.

I was born and raised in Afghanistan. In 2013 I packed my things and moved to the United States – not for love but freedom. The freedom to choose how I wanted to live, to choose who I wanted to share my life with and to choose a career path without fear or pressure. Before following my passion for Beauty, I studied Finance & Marketing.

In 2014 I started a hair salon and after four successful years I decided to sell the Salon and follow my heart. Moving to Beauty and Skincare industry was not a difficult choice, I knew what I wanted and how I wanted to achieve my goals. So, I created Filter Beauty and Bella Vita Med Spas.

I am a skincare and beauty addict and a parent. With juggling all responsibilities that comes with parenting I wanted to look my best without spending hours infront of the mirror. Filter Beauty products are created keeping in mind the limited time we have in a day as mothers. Each product is tested and tested some more to ensure that it can be used within minutes and deliver the best results to save you time.



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